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This is the last straw!


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What I did

I saw an opportunity in the educational resources and I have designed an insightful guide that introduces the not-so-little plastic problems we
are facing today to a young audience of 8 to
12-year-olds. It is called This is the last straw! and directly indicates the ‘heavy’ burden plastic consumption has on the environment and therefore, addresses the need for early education and action.

The resource illustrates personality and character that the students can connect with and are encouraged to think of possible strategies toward a sustainable future.

Introducing: This is the last straw!

A little guide into the not-so-little
plastic problems.

The Problem

Plastic waste has become so embedded in our daily lives that action toward prevention and awareness is often overlooked. I didn’t have to look further beyond my flat to see the excessive and to see the problem we are facing today.




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